Kings Heath Primary School no longer considered for expansion

17 06 2010

We are absolutely delighted that the Council has confirmed in writing that Kings Heath Primary School is no longer on the list of schools considered for expansion, which means it will form no part in the upcoming consultation process.

Thanks so much to the children, parent and wider school community who make this both a very effective and enjoyable campaign.

The Council has emphasised that it has a statutory duty to ensure all children and young people in this city have a school place. Demographic projections suggest  that Kings Heath Primary School may need to be considered for expansion again at some point in the future. However this would only be if additional adjoining land and/or buildings can be acquired.

We welcome the fact that the Council shares our concern that the current site is already too small and cramped for any further expansion. We would like to thank Councillor Les Lawrence for responding so swiftly to the concerns of the parents.

A massive thank you to everyone. This would not have happened without your support showing the sheer strength of feeling towards the school. It goes without saying the planned public meeting will not now be going ahead as we today bring the campaign to a close.


Dont Squeeze KHPS


Playground protest – Wednesday 16 June

14 06 2010

Don’t Squeeze Kings Heath Primary School held a playground protest before school on Wednesday 16th June. Children, parents and carers put on their football gear to show the red card to the Council’s proposal to build 8 class rooms on their playground. 

Birmingham City Council is seeking to increase the population of Kings Heath Primary School by an additional 210 pupils. It is intending to do this by building a two-storey block on the infant playground. The school was built for 420 children; these proposals would double that number on the same size site. On the Council’s own figures the school is already in the top 5% most over crowded in the City.  The Council now proposes removing much needed play space without any additional facilities or enhancement.  Their own feasibility document acknowledges that ‘the proposed site is tightly planned and the extension reduces the play area significantly’. It accepts that it is undermining communal provision stating that ‘No additional hall provision has been included within the proposal and a shortfall in hall provision of 110sqm has been identified’. It also recognises that the current internal layout of the school is problematic and requires reconfiguration if the school is going to accommodate adequately the existing population, which includes children with special and additional needs.

Clare Bell, mum of three, says: “We fully appreciate the need to find school places for all children in Birmingham. But we strongly believe that it is no more in the interests of the additional 210 pupils than those in the current three-form intake to squeeze more children onto an already cramped site.”

Parents, governors and staff are united in their opposition to the proposal.  Don’t Squeeze Kings Heath Primary School (KPHS) is calling on the Council to kick out the proposal.  The Council argument is that the school should accommodate 210 more children because it is popular and in the right location. However parents counteract this, pointing out that leaving the school team to manage a school that is not fit for purpose, with so little play space that the children would have to go to neighbouring schools for  games is hardly a recipe for continuing popularity and quality staff retention.

Rezvana Shaheen mum of three says: “It is because we have excellent Teachers, a hugely supportive Senior Management Team that engages with children, parents and stakeholders that currently means we make the current site just about workable – any additional numbers will put this at risk.”

Don’t Squeeze KHPS understands the pressures that there are on school places but finds it difficult to understand why the children of Kings Heath Primary are to be put at risk when there are neighbouring one-form entry schools with much greater space that are not being considered for expansion

Lisa Trickett, mum of two, says:  “Surely it makes more sense and is much more cost effective to make unpopular schools with capacity popular by investing in teachers and providing support than scoring an own goal by putting  extra places into our already overcrowded school with no additional capacity. Over a 1000 parents, carers and stakeholders have signed our petition to date – surely the Council cannot ignore such overwhelming public opinion.  I am sure we all would be happy to work with the Council and support it to find additional places but clearly we cannot support any proposal that takes away from any child, at any school, the right to play and safe space.”

To hear more about the campaign or event go to, call; Don’t Squeeze KHPS on 07970901903.

Local Media Coverage

13 06 2010

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Don’t Squeeze Kings Heath Primary School

4 06 2010
This website was created by parents of children attending Kings Heath Primary School, who are concerned at the proposal to significantly increase the intake of the school without any corresponding increase in the size of the school site.
We will be using this website to update parents and residents in Kings Heath regarding these proposals.
You will also find the open letter for which we are seeking signatures from local parents and residents, the petition, and leaflets we have distributed detailing our main concerns.